Funny Little Monkey


Although I’m quite a bit older than 12 (ahem), I thought this was a pretty awesome story.
— What Not

Best friends Gene and Vince are no strangers to the world of the weird. They come across freaky aliens like Mold Man, Calamari Girl, and Crumble Bun all the time as part of their work reporting for their homemade weekly tabloid The Globe, a newsletter featuring stories on the aliens living quietly among humans in Santa Rosa, California.

No one at Santa Rosa Junior High takes Gene and Vince’s articles too seriously, not until the boys take their investigative reporting one step too far. Suddenly they are at the center of an intergalactic conflict, one that could be the death of the boys’ friendship, or of the boys themselves—whichever comes first.

Reviews and Accolades

“The book is brimming with humor, compounded by the theme of self-discovery. Wonderfully refreshing is Gene’s character growth as he learns to become more thoughtful and caring and redeems himself by helping Walter fight the alien thugs. Quirky and imbued with a touch of romance, Alienated should resonate well with middle school sci fi fans."

 -School Library Journal

“On the surface, the Men in Black-style aliens would seem a lure for reluctant readers, but this novel is really more about teenage alienation. As one alien says, “This is a tough planet. you’ve got to keep changing who you are. That’s the price of fitting in.” Hand this to those who feel like they’re from another planet."


“This adventure science fiction is good for lots of laughs."

-Montreal Gazette  

"Snappy lines and gross-out descriptions will keep any eight-year-old boy rapt.... Pun-based names add simple humor to the text, and the various wacky alien abilities will engage readers. Simple science fiction that readers can enjoy with little effort."